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Они поразили мир: 7 снимков необычной семьи, которая удивляет всех своими прическами

Они поразили мир: 7 снимков необычной семьи, которая удивляет всех своими прическами

Этого парня вы бы точно заметили еще за километр. В толпе он и его дочка точно не затеряются.

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Американец Бенни Харлем является обладателем самой высокой прически в мире. Его шевелюра достигает пятидесяти двух сантиметров и она занесена в Книгу рекордов Гиннеса. Американец часто снимается в фотосессиях для различных глянцевых журналов.

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?Client's & Curlfriends, ⁣⁣Randomly Following 10 more lucky clients!(5/4/2019)⁣⁣⁣ ⁣ ?Please continue to send in your before and after testimonies (Must use hair growth treatments for at least 2 full weeks or more to be considered) ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ?Don't be afraid to comment and let me know what your favorite products are, Let me know what your hair growth journey has been like since using the hair treatments!⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ www.harlemhaircareinstitute.com #BennyHarlemPositivity #BennyHarlemLovePeace

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Харлем называет себя специалистом по натуральному росту волос. Бенни и его семья используют домашние шампуни, приготовленные из необработанных и чистых ингредиентов, таких как кокосовые орехи и ягоды. На его инстаграм подписано полмиллиона подписчиков.

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My organization is committed to helping minority families overcome, heal and rebuild. As of August 1st 2018 I will commit to paying 4 months (A total of 121 days) rent for 5 inner city families across the U.S. Fathers, mothers and children will be counseled and taught my philosophy of positive self belief psychology by Me and my trusted team of life coaches and certified HBCU alumni psychologist for a full year Completely FREE!_________________________________________ As a child I was very familiar with living on the welfare slavery plantation. Many in my childhood community knew nothing but welfare, in most cases it was believed to be our community's right. I now believe that when one has a plan in place that some of these set up systems has its place as well but it is not to be confused with being a resting place. I've visited low income community's and public housing Projects all over the country in the last year and it shames me to say very little has changed. My organization wants to help family's prosper and break out of the plantation mindset that continues to keep many psychologically chained. __________________________________________ Email: harlemnationfoundationunited@gmail.com With your story! Please note all applicants will be screened, all information given will be verified before being officially considered. ___________________________________________ THE 5 WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED August 31st 2018 *Special thank you to my attorney and team for your tireless hard work and dedication #BennyHarlemPositivity #BennyHarlemLovePeace

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Для себя и своей дочери, которую зовут Джексин, Бенни придумывает самые замысловатые и удивительные прически.

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The continuous rise of my daughters confidence is what I'm committed to. fatherhood is not a job .. it's a duty. Serve the lady's in your life .. The benefits are heavenly. #BennyHarlemPositivity #BennyHarlemLovePeace

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Harlem Hair Care Customers (Family) I promised you that we are in this journey together! It does my heart well to see your beautiful emails and reviews over the Hair Kits everyday … Especially your love for my Raw African Avocado Black Rooted Framadediia Oil. We sold out in 24 hours because of you! ————————————————— Please continue to send in your before and after photos ( harlemhaircaresolution@gmail.com )To be qualified for potential commercial use —————————————————- —————————————————- #BennyHarlemPositivity #BennyHarlemLovePeace

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A style meant to remind us how royal we all are! #wakandastyle I remind my daughter that she is a Royal .. Golden .. Miracle everyday .. This look was inspired by the movie my family and I are incredibly excited to see @Marvelstudios #BlackPanther time to turn up this weekend. #Ad #BennyHarlemPositivity #BennyHarlemLovePeace

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I made love to my angel. I know how heaven feels. I kissed the mouth of an angel. I know how heaven tastes. She held me in her arms. I died in her embrace. If this is truly heaven. Take my life today. @kourtneydandridge Thank you

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Египетские костюмы, рок-н-ролл, африканские мотивы, боксерский ринг или стиль 40-х — фантазия у Бенни по-настоящему неисчерпаема.

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Они поразили мир: 7 снимков необычной семьи, которая удивляет всех своими прическами
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